LinkedIn Outreach for Sudan Initiative

With the lifting of Sudan sanctions, a rebuilding process is underway, and an important piece of this process is re-connecting Sudanese youths, job seekers, governmental and non-profit organisations with international standards in employment and capacity building.


For Linkedin users in Sudan, economic opportunity has been scarce; and the situation has been further complicated by the US government sanctions on Sudan that lasted for nearly 30 years, and isolated Sudanese people’s access to international products and services. 

This year and with sponsorship from LinkedIn, ASEIT is joining forces with other Sudanese NGOs who shares the prospect of developing Sudanese societies and youth capacity through training and networking. We work with wonderful brands with the aim to help Sudanese youth and job seekers to tell their stories and show their skills for better opportunities.

Our Project partners 

  •  Global Aid Hand. 
  •  Sadagaat
  •  Yallanbadir.
  •  Youth Forum.


This will be the start of a long effort to re-integrate Sudanese youths and job seekers and open doors for them to secure economic opportunities that help them in life. At this stage of the program we aim to

Reconnect Sudan

Re-integrate Sudanese youths and job seekers, Enable them to leveage best-in-class Linkedin tools and remove all restrictions to premium subscriptions and other Linkedin services for Sudanese members and companies.

Carrer Coashing

Run one-to-one coaching sessions to review participant Linkedin profile and discuss career aspirations, where a premium Linkedin subscription will be gifted for free to participants.

Online Sessions

One to many online sessions on how to optimze your linkedin profile and tell your professional story in the best possible way

Enable local NGOs

The long goal of the program is to enable Sudanes non-profits organisations running and managing employment and capacity building programs for job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Our Program Team

Frequently asked questions

You are invited to apply if you are :
1- A college senior about to graduate or graduated with special set of skills, looking for ways to brand yourself professionally and write a brilliant CV.
2- An employee with two or more years of experience, but you crave personal and professional development, to enhance your CV.
3- An entrepreneur running your own business. Striving to expand your social network with various investors and consultants, increase visibility and develop personal branding.
Selection criteria to attend training : –
1- You must be from one of these target groups ( Senior students – fresh graduates – experienced employees – entrepreneurs).
2- English language Proficiency.
3- LinkedIn account, at least with basic informative knowledge.
4- Good Internet connection and to be familiar with using Zoom app.

The program is sponsored by LinkedIn company as part of their social responsibility mission. The program open doors for Sudanese youth and jobseekers.

We in ASEIT has the mission to leave a positive impact in Sudanese community here in Ireland and back home. By taking part in this program ASEIT members can get the chance to share their experiences and knowledge with young professionals in Sudan who are starting their careers and looking for employment opportunities .

To scale this program it was necessary to partner with Sudanese NGOs who share the same youth development mission with us.  These non-profit organizations will work on building and requiring recourses to enable them deliver these coaching session in the future.

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