SCRATCH Programming FOR KIDS (9-13 yrs): BEGINNER

We are pleased to announce this new online programming class for Kids , this class is designed for children who are completely new to computer programming. It introduces kids to coding in a fun and engaging environment .

Why is coding knowledge important  for kids ?

  • Improve Kids problem solving skills and encourage creativity.

  • Possessing an in-demand skill like coding at a young age can be a competitive advantage.

  • Finally, a nice way to learn while having fun ūüôā

Hurry up !
Limited spaces

Starting 17th August 2020

As seats are limited , Filling a registration form does not guarantee a place for your child , First come first served.

What is scratch

Kids will learn  Scratch 3.0, an easy to use, graphics-based computer programming language.  With Scratch, kids can quickly learn how to create games, interactive stories, animations, and more.  And more importantly, they will learn the core, fundamentals of computer programming.

Experimenting is hugely encouraged with Scratch, as it allows children to use skills like problem solving , math , science and art in a fun  environment 

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  • Class Level : Introductory¬†

  • Children 9-13 years old

  • No previous coding experience is required, however your child must be comfortable working independently on a computer.

  • PC/Laptop/MAC (tablet /mobile can not be used).

  • Internet browser and Zoom installed

  • Webcam, Mic and speaker (preferred)¬† to interact with the class

  • Good internet connection.

  • ¬†
  • Course runs for 6 days in total (60-90 mins per day) over 2 weeks.

  • Day1¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†17/08/2020.¬† ¬†18:30-20:00 (Irish Time)

  • Day2¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 19/08/2020.¬† ¬†18:30-20:00 (Irish Time)

  • Day3¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†21/08/2020.¬† ¬† 18:30-20:00 (Irish Time)

  • Day4¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†24/08/2020.¬† ¬†18:30-20:00 (Irish Time)

  • Day5¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†26/08/2020.¬† ¬† 18:30-20:00 (Irish Time)

  • Day6¬† ¬† ¬†29/08/2020.¬† ¬† 18:30-20:00 (Irish Time)

Siblings can join from the same PC/laptop if no additional  device available.

Please make sure kids are attending the class from a quiet place to help them focus.

Join your child and share the fun..

Parents are required to accompany their kids during the sessions to familiarise their children with the virtual class setup and offer help when needed. 

Please ensure ALL pre-requisites are met before kick off , We will follow up with a confirmation email once your registration is accepted to help with getting your PC ready.

  • 100% online (Zoom)

  • Instructor led , with break out sessions and hands-on exercises and projects¬†

  • each session is 20 mins teaching / 40 mins In-class Exercises / 30 mins In-class Project

  • Homeworks

  • Class Size: 30 students maximum

  • 6 teachers , 5 students per teacher.

  • language : English/Arabic

Students will learn the basics of computer programming, by creating fun and interactive games and stories. 


  • Introduction to scratch

  • Familiarize with Scratch UI


  • Familiarize with Scratch UI

  • Learn some functionalities¬†


  • Familiarize with Scratch features and functionalities (controls, events, looks, etc)

  • Learn new functionalities (sensing, operators)


  • Familiarize with Scratch features and functionalities (controls, events, looks,sensing, operators)

  • Learn a new functionality (text to speech)


  • Project and practice


  • Final project presentation and course completions¬† (awards)


accepted  registrations will be followed up with a confirmation email with Seat details 

  • Cancellations¬† (if for any reason) has to be made before 16th Aug.

ASEIT is a non-for profit organisation , the course is delivered by volunteers , contributions collected will be used to fund the association charitable activities.

Students will feel confident in using computers and writing code.  They will recognise their potential to create, design, and develop computer programs, animations, interactive stories, and games.

Most importantly, this program strengthens your child’s logical and problem solving skills which are useful in every day life, in their studies (mathematics, science, etc), and in their future careers.

By the end of the course every participant will get our Scratch Ninja badge

Meet our trainers

To give the children the best learning experience , our trainers are ASEIT members who has a blend of technical and teaching experiences.


Class master


Technology Hero


Technology Hero


Technology Hero


Technology Hero


Technology Hero

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